The idea is that you watch along with us and after each episode and we’ll deliver a post-game analysis, with all the ridiculously in-depth trivia and horrifyingly geeky jokes that you can imagine from two astrophysicists who are also massive Star Trek fans.

We watch the episodes at a pace of about one per week, but since this is a podcast you’re welcome to follow along at any time. Maybe you’re already in the future; or this is nothing more than a bad Holodeck program with the safeties off; either way we hope that our little podcast can bring you a new angle on one of the most beloved TV shows of all time.

Podcast image is Robby-Robert‘s Enterprise D model – as found on Deviant Art and at http://fav.me/d68c6ca.

28 thoughts on “About

  1. I haven’t had the time to leave an iTunes review yet, but expect 5 stars. I am loving this podcast with the depth of knowledge both hosts have about Star Trek. It’s clear both Rob and Grant also know their science and my favourite part of any episode is when they discuss the physics, chemistry, etc. of any episode and work through the logic of how Star Trek canon works. This podcast even helped to convince my girlfriend to watch (select) TNG episodes with me on Netflix. Thanks for putting it together and please keep it up!

  2. I finally caught up with both the TV show and the podcast, and now I’m starting to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Expecting episodes every five days, I’m starting to panic!

  3. Great Fun Rob & Grant.. after rewatching Voyager, now enjoying TNG once more. Your one of my top 2 podcasts.. Best to both of you. Rob

  4. Hey Guys!! I’ve caught up….are you still podcasting? I’m worried. There hasn’t been a new podcast since October 1st. Please let us know if you’re going to continue!

  5. Hey guys…..love The Rewatch…..great stuff……but I think there might be something wrong with your recordings……the last 3-4 episodes have been kind of sketchy……skipping and jumping and the like. I’ve downloaded them a couple of times and it’s the same. Please investigate…..it’s tragic to think of something so good being undermined by technical issues. :-(

    1. If you have an iDevice, you can get a psuedo-workaround for this as the playback will let you set the speed of the parts that are sped up. The skipping is un-fixable though.

      Still a great podcast and thanks for keeping it up. Grant’s Gripes are awesome.

  6. Guys, come on! The recording has gone squirly again! On this episode you are intermittently sounding like the Binars from episode 14! I love you guys, but please get it sorted. There ain’t no point in doing this podcast if the recordings are sketchily unlistenable. Whoever is responsible for the technical side of Recycled Electrons…..get them to do the recordings of The Rewatch. That would be my solution. :-(

  7. You’ve probably already recorded the episode for “Measure of a Man,” but here’s an interesting statistic anyways if you two hadn’t already found it:
    Data is cited as being capable of 60 trillion operations per second (60 teraflops), which in 1989 was 60,000x faster than the fastest computers of the day. Today, the fastest computer is rated at 34 petaflops, 500x faster than Data.

    Can’t wait for the episode!

  8. Some trivia about the Enterprise D: The windows on the rim of the saucer section are always turned off. The designer, Andrew Probert, meant this to be a long walking path around the edge of the ship in which one could enjoy the stars without any light pollution – like a “walk in the park”. Thought you two astrophysicists might especially appreciate that part of the ship.

  9. TRIVIA: The windows that line the edge of the Enterprise-D saucer section are always dark. This was originally intended to be a dimly lit walking ring where one could appreciate space in it’s full brilliance – a place to “escape the ship” in a way. In fact, the set for this was sketched out by Andy Probert, but Ten Forward was built instead.

    QUESTION: We always see the stars clearly outside the windows, no matter the interior light level of the Enterprise – would outer space stars be so bright that it would cancel out the ship’s internal light pollution under any light level? Or would it be more like on earth, where you can’t see the stars without turning off all the lights? I’ve heard the Apollo astronauts refer to the intensity of the starfield on the dark side of the moon as “indescribable”.

  10. Hey guys, Love the show. Wanted to know when we would get Q-Who? Obviously really excited. We have seen episodes with the moral undertones and even Data as Holmes. This is the first episode that sets up a plot that will be finished with a MOVIE. So get ready to be assimilated.

  11. Great work guys, very glad you are back and roll on the season three podcasts. I’ve been a TNG fan for many years but have never enjoyed the episodes as much as I have with the podcast to listen to afterwards. Genuinely really funny and I hope you keep these up for the full run. Now you are recording them remotely is there any likely schedule you will have to when you record and upload them? Or is it more a case of as and when they fit in?

    1. We’re aiming to put them up every Monday. We’re stocked up with episodes until mid-January at the moment – and recording roughly every two weeks. So far, so good, for the remote sessions :)

  12. I discovered your podcast recently and got addicted so quickly that I managed to catch up to your current episode in an indecently short amount of time. Which, of course, results in me being out of podcasts to listen to. Vicious circle that. Still, I thought it would only be right to let you know that you both have added enjoyment to my world… for about a month. Please, keep up the insightful opinions, concise format, fun trivia, and science-y commentary! Even if I now have to practice patience in waiting for it.

  13. Love, love, love this podcast! You two are so funny. I used to listen to the episodes at night while I went to sleep, but had to stop because I was doing more laughing than sleeping. Enjoying learning something sciency with each episode too. Keep up the good work!

  14. Is this hiatus terminal, or can we expect more episodes in due course? I miss your rematch banter.

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