S03E05 The Bonding

Worf decides to take into his house the child of a slain subordinate, but the child is having trouble accepting his mother’s death, especially when she mysteriously reappears.

iPads had gone downhill, Jeremy's opinion

iPads had gone downhill, Jeremy’s opinion

First Broadcast:  23rd October 1989.

Quote:  “Jeremy, on the starship Enterprise, no one is alone… No one.

Score: 5

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “S03E05 The Bonding

  1. Is anyone else worried that the new Star Trek series will be set in the rebooted “JJ-verse” where there is no real science and even the fictional science is elevated to a form of inconsistent story magic?

    1. Yes. That was the thing that really grated on me with the Wrath of Khan reboot. The original movie was all about the scientists working on the Genesis project. It was perhaps the most influential movie on me as a child in sparking my interest in science. The reboot replaces all that with loads of over-the-top daft action. I worry about future generations…

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