S02E21 Peak Performance

With the Borg threat in mind, Starfleet stages a war-game simulation pitting Captain Picard and the Enterprise against Commander Riker and the eighty-year-old starship Hathaway. However, when the Ferengi suddenly attack, the Enterprise is crippled forcing Picard into a seemingly no-win situation.

The crew enjoyed a good old fashioned game of 23rd Century Minesweeper

The crew enjoyed a good old fashioned game of 23rd Century Minesweeper

First Broadcast:  17th July 1989.

Quote:  “Very unfortunate. We will be dead.

Score: 7

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

5 thoughts on “S02E21 Peak Performance

  1. Does anyone remember the Hilton Hotel in Vegas? They used to have a complete Star Trek themed exhibit. It’s gone now, but it was so fun. I went to a computer convention, got off the plane, went to the hotel bar like you do. And a freaking Klingon came up and sat next to me. Full big head makeup and uniform. The bar tender game him a blue drink with smoke coming off it. I had no idea about the Star Trek exhibit and just kind of froze and gawked. I think I finally said “how do doin” and he just grunted at me. Freaking awesome.

    1. Oh yes! I stayed there for two nights in 2000. They had a whole section of the DS9 promenade and Quarks bar. There was also an awesome ride and a total replica of the TNG bridge, where people could get married by a Starfleet Captain!

      1. The ride! Aurghhhh. It’s the Borg!

        I had the best time because I just knew enough to get the shock. My wife was nonplussed.

        I also met an Andorian girl / star struck girl from southern Missouri who got painted blue every day.

        It’s the little things.

  2. Speaking of Data’s “infallibility”:
    I think it’s pretty great that the senior officers regularly listen to Data humorously botch English words and phrases and poker terminology, but they never once doubt the complex calculations he spouts off that must be correct to save whole ship from destruction.

  3. It should be noted that this is Dr. Polaski’s last “written” episode (Shades of Grey is a product of the writer’s strike).

    So, for those of us who think she is the BETTER of the two TNG doctors, it’s worth noting that the unique relationship she shared with Data is subtly tied up in this episode when she roots for her mechanical friend to defeat “flesh & blood” at Strategema.

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