S02E18 Up the Long Ladder

The Enterprise discovers two threatened colonies which must cooperate to survive.


Eh, can someone check the transporter settings? It doesn’t normally beam up the ground cover.

First Broadcast:  22nd May 1989.

Quote:  “William Riker, you’re a mess!

Score: 5

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

9 thoughts on “S02E18 Up the Long Ladder

  1. Another great episode! I can’t wait till I hear your take on TNG’s Scottish planet in the episode “Sub Rosa” (it’s the one about Bev and her grandmother’s symbiotic ghost boyfriend).

  2. I didn’t mind the Irish component of this episode so much. I figured the original colonists created a social stigma around technology and other developments as escaping technology was their apparent aim in the first place. I do agree on the resolution of the episode being disappointing and obvious. I really enjoyed the simple character development of the tea ceremony Worf shares with Pulaski.

  3. I always assumed the use of the word “Terran” in Sci-Fi to describe earthlings came from the Latin word “Terra”, meaning Earth.

  4. So is the podcast now over? First there was a long break in the spring and now heres another long break. It would be nice if you at least relesed a short podcast episode to tell us whats up, rumours are buzzing that you’ve given up and there wont be anymore shows

  5. Disappointingly there isn’t a Star Wars reference in this episode: I double checked by pausing the scene from the blu-ray release on my 1080p projector: it clearly says “Diplomatic mission to Aldebaran” not Alderaan, sadly!

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