S02E13 Time Squared

The Enterprise discovers a duplicate of Picard from six hours in the future.

Picard had a big night and woke up wondering who El-Baz was

Picard had a big night and woke up wondering who El-Baz was

First Broadcast:  3rd Apr 1989.

Quote:  “A lot of questions, Number One. Damn few answers.”

Score: 4

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “S02E13 Time Squared

  1. Can I ask why you didn’t like Interstellar? I thought astronomers were supposed to love it, given Kip Thorne’s heavy involvement in the script to ensure scientific plausibility.

    1. I liked Interstellar – I thought it made much more of an effort to be science-based than any other blockbuster in a long time, but I think I know why Grant couldn’t stand it – by trying to be accurate its mistakes become much more jarring. A bit like this episode… I wonder if the polarity problems of the future shuttle craft was an attempt to consider what would happen if the phase of an AC current was shifted by half a wavelength due to time travel rather than the usual Star Trek mirror world explanation? Anyway, doesn’t make any sense…

      Did you also notice how when the shuttle craft from the future arrived in the shuttle bay that gradually the entire crew of senior officers assembled there – leaving who in charge of the bridge at this troubling time, Wesley?

      Another piece of trivia from the documentaries on the first season blu-ray: Troi’s accent was intentionally based on her Israeli friend’s accent, which let’s face it, is much more suitable than her natural cockney accent (no offence, my family are all cockneys); she is playing an alien who grew up on an alien world after all, so the accent should be unrecognisable…

      1. PS: Sentimentally-minded fathers may enjoy Interstellar more than others as its mostly a story of fatherhood. ;-)

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