S02E06 The Schizoid Man

An away team discovers the dying Doctor Ira Graves, who claims to be Data’s “grandfather. Another ‘Forbidden Planet’ episode, only this one results in a death, but no without a catch. There is discussion of the singularity, the nature of being, and the end play for all of AI. So nothing too deep.

DR. Graves was just about ready to install himself into his new Frogdroid

DR. Graves was just about ready to install himself into his new Frogdroid

First Broadcast:  23rd Jan 1989.

Quote:  “Do I have to stand here and be insulted?”

Score: 6

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

6 thoughts on “S02E06 The Schizoid Man

  1. Suzie Plakson who played Dr Selar in this episode was also K’Ehleyr (Worf’s mate) in The Emissary. Later in the episode “Reunion” she introduces Worf to his son Alexander.

  2. Great podcast as always.

    My thoughts:

    Brent Spiner is such an over-actor when he doesn’t have to play an emotionless android, it’s quite hilarious.

    Also, how did Troy manage to get all those images for the Psych exam?

  3. Loving the series guys. Only found it recently but have been racing through it. Really fun.

    Just a quick note (that I partly discovered through your own trivia), the Mark Shepard that plays Morn (Mark Allen Shepherd) is a totally different Mark Sheppard to Morgan Sheppard’s son.

    You were right that Morgan’s son was in Voyager and Firefly and BSG and such, but the other Mark is just Morn (and background characters)


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