S02E05 Loud As A Whisper

The Enterprise brings a deaf negotiator to mediate the end of a planetary civil war. In a long line of peace-negotiation episodes, this one has a cool twist. There’s some love for this episode in this podcast, hopefully you liked it too.

'Sausage, egg, and chips'

‘Sausage, egg, and chips’

Episode synopsis:  9th Jan 1989.

Quote:  “Before him, there was no Klingon word for ‘peacemaker’”

Score: 7

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “S02E05 Loud As A Whisper

  1. My theory is that given how Data and presumably his hardware and software are unique there is no standard protocol for him to directly interface with a computer easily because nobody developed one, compared to computers today which all have similar hardware and software standards because they were co-developed or borrow parts from each other; so it’s just more straight forward for him to get information from a computer visually.

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