S02E03 Elementary Dear Data

In many ways this is a defining episode of TNG. The Enterprise is threatened when a character in Data and La Forge’s holodeck simulation becomes sentient. Grant and Rob are joined by guests David Hogg, Arfon Smith, Meredith Rawls and Erin Braswell – recording this live at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago,

Warning: Poor audio quality due to live recording.

Data can see shortcomings in Geordi's new diagnostic displays

Data can see shortcomings in Geordi’s new diagnostic displays

Episode synopsis:  5th Dec 1988.

Quote:  “The particle beam will tear apart human flesh as well”

Score: 7

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

One thought on “S02E03 Elementary Dear Data

  1. Well, please don’t nvite that American guy onto your show again… anyone that can just arbitrarily ‘hate’ or ‘despise’ something like that is just… not a very pleasant fellow :(. Otherwise good episode!

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