S02E01 The Child

Rob and Grant talk about gestation periods and creepy TV kids. Counsellor Troi is shocked to find out she is pregnant; Wesley Crusher is weighing his options for the future, with the help of the proprietor of the ship’s lounge, Ten Forward, which suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Data, could you help me take this fake bump to the Fake Bump Cupboard ?"

“Data, could you help me take this fake bump to the Fake Bump Cupboard ?”

Episode synopsis:  21st Nov 1988.

Quote:  “Hello, Ian”

Score: 6

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

6 thoughts on “S02E01 The Child

  1. Did anyone else notice the weird way Riker got up from the chair in Picard’s ready room at the start of the episode? He stood, spun and swung his leg over the back of the seat in a single movement. Very balletic.

    Great podcast again guys, though unfortunately the audio skipping problem seems to have returned.

    1. There’s a great illustration of Riker’s sitting technique on buzzfeed this week (search for “Here’s A Reminder That Riker From “Star Trek” Didn’t Know How To Sit In A F*cking Chair” as I can’t provide links without it passing moderation). This was the only time he got up in the same silly way, which made it all the more striking!

  2. Guys, come on! The recording has gone squirly again! On this episode you are intermittently sounding like the Binars from episode 14! I love you guys, but please get it sorted. There ain’t no point in doing this podcast if the recordings are sketchily unlistenable. Whoever is responsible for the technical side of Recycled Electrons…..get them to do the recordings of The Rewatch. That would be my solution. :-(

  3. Well done getting to season 2,

    Unfortunately, nooo the pesky audio issues are back. Are you making sure to listen through your recordings before you upload them? I’d also recommend doing a 10 minute test recording first, to ensure something isn’t going wrong in the recording process that causes these intermittent speed-ups and skipping.

    Other thoughts:

    . lol @ Colm Meaney’s huge head, it’s true, he’s a great actor but does have an oddly shaped head. Maybe that’s why he was cast as Don Revie in The Damned United, he also has an unusual head shape.

    . Surprised no reference was made to the immaculate conception in this episode.

    . Not sure this was mentioned due to the audio skipping, but Polaski and Data has clear parallels with Bones and Spock, in that Bones can’t really get around Spock’s ‘inhumanity’ too due to his lack of emotions.

  4. It was noted in one of the “making of” documentaries that came with the blu-ray release of Season 1 that Data was originally intended to be pronounced as “Dah-tah”, which the prevalent pronunciation of the word in America at the time. However, the first to say his name during filming of the pilot episode was Patrick Stewart who pronounced it the British way, “Day-tah”, and that pronunciation stuck from then on. This actually even eventually lead to the British pronunciation becoming the norm in American speech in general too…

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