Season One Review

Rob, Grant and Brooke review Season One. We talk about how the show was shaped by its time in 1987, and whether or not it would have survived as a TV show today. Soaring highs and crush(er)ing lowers are also discussed.

TNG Season One Cast

The crew prepare for their ensemble number on the Enterprise’s karaoke night.

MP3 can be downloaded here.

2 thoughts on “Season One Review

  1. I completely missed the series when it was on TV. Life was too busy and I didn’t watch TV for about 20 years. Watched TOS when I was a kid, on daily reruns after school. Now I have decided it is time to catch up with the Star Trek faithful and binge watch TNG on Netflix. I found you guys at the same time. I’m a new fan of your show, and I am actually going to wait for you guys to start season 2 before I get into it. Cheers!

  2. Looking forward for Season 2, I’ll be sure to post any corrections I can think of now that I know you might review them in the wrap-up!

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