S01E20 Heart of Glory

Worf's Barbershop quartet wasn't off to the best start

Worf’s Barbershop quartet wasn’t off to the best start

We get our first real look at the Next Generation’s Klingons in this episode – and our first look at Worf, really. We also get to see through Geordi’s eyes and experience at 24th Century fog machine at it’s finest.

Episode synopsis:  21st March 1988.

Quote:  “Now I’m beginning to understand him.”

Score: 6

MP3 can be downloaded here. More episode info on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

One thought on “S01E20 Heart of Glory

  1. The Klingon death ritual is seen again when K’ehleyr dies and when Jadzia Dax dies. Then again when Worf killed Gowron. Those are the ones I know odd the top of my head.

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