S01E16 Too Short A Season

Like the ageing admiral on his mobility scooter, this episode plods along with little to recommend it. Grant and Rob are less than impressed as they talk about anti-ageing and the awfulness of the young-is-old TV cliche.

The older he got, the more often the Admiral wished he had a dog to blame it on

The older he got, the more often the Admiral wished he had a dog to blame it on

Episode synopsis: An elderly Starfleet admiral hides a deadly secret as he leads the Enterprise in a hostage rescue mission. Originally broadcast in the USA on 8th February 1988.

Quote:  “I’m strong, I’m alert, I’m fit! I’m fitter than you are, Picard. And I’m getting younger!”

Score: 2

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2 thoughts on “S01E16 Too Short A Season

  1. Just started listening recently, often when travelling for work. Very much enjoying the rewatch so far, and passing on the recommendation. Even “Too Short A Season” was well worth listening to. On military ranks I think you will find that a leftenant (or lieutenant if we must) is generally an officer of lower rank or of subsidiary. Higher rank. Therefore a sub leftenant is a lower rank officer, but also often directly superior to a sub-leftenant. Other ranks, such as commander and even general may have a subsidiary rank prefixed sub. Enough of the military geek ones. As an aside, as many wargamers will tell you, Star Trek is notoriously bad at portraying anything military, particularly tactics and military structures. Many thanks gentlemen.

  2. Even way back in 1988, when we were so hungry for Trek that we were generally happy with each episode, this was a boring one with appallingly bad make-up. The bombastic proclamations by the two main guest characters and the ridiculously dark mood lighting added to the general lousiness of this episode. The 2 is well deserved!!

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