S01E12 The Big Goodbye

Rob and Grant discuss ‘The Big Goodbye’, Star Trek’s first ever episode in which the holodeck malfunctions and the crew are trapped within. Picard, Data, Beverly and Whalen(?!) are stuck in the world of Dixon Hill, and we finally get to know the holodeck plot device that Star Trek fans have enjoyed/reviled ever since.

'Fiction expert' Whalen justifies his role to Data and Picard.

‘Fiction expert’ Whalen justifies his role to Data and Picard.

Episode synopsis: A computer malfunction traps Picard, Data, Dr. Crusher, and Whalen in a Dixon Hill holodeck program set in early-20th-century Earth. Originally broadcast in the USA on 11th January 1988. [Source: Memory Alpha]

Quote:  “I can’t communicate with them, I can’t access the program and I can’t open the doors.”

Score: 8

Also found on IMDBMemory Alpha, and Wikipedia

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